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History of Ocean Harbor

Ocean Harbor Condominium was developed beginning in 1990. Building A (4745) was completed in 1990. Building B (4753) was completed in 1991. The developers retained control of the Association until 1995. At that time, control was transferred to the Owners and the first Board of Directors were elected.

Association Operations

Ocean Harbor Condo Association operations and activities are controlled by three sets of Documents.

Condominium Documents -

By-Laws -

Rules and Regulations -

The Condominium Documents and By-Laws were originally written by the Developer. They were amended in 1998, following approval by 75% of the Owners, to comply with Florida law and to reflect the different objectives of an Owner operated Association.

The Rules and Regulations are maintained by the Board of Directors and updated as needed.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the Owners and serve two year terms. The Ocean Harbor Board consists of five Officers.
Three Officers are elected in even years and two Officers are elected in odd years.