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Directions from Regional SouthWest –RSW- Airport, Fort Myers, FL to Fort Myers Beach, FL

Follow Terminal Road (Exit 75 signs) to Treeline Avenue South- (sign “To Daniels PK/75”) turn right at stop light onto Treeline.

Follow Treeline for 2.6 miles to Daniels; prepare to turn left from one of three lanes onto Daniels/Lee 876.

Stay on Daniels for 3.3 miles (going west) turn left on Ben C Pratt/Six Mile Cypress/865 south.  This will take you by the Lee County Sports Complex.  When you cross 41, road turns into Gladiolus Drive.  Watch for sign “Beaches, Keep Left.” Cross over an over pass to Summerlin/869.  Continue on Summerlin.

Watch for “Ft Myers Beach, Keep Right” sign. Turn left to San Carlos/865 South, 3.6 miles, turn is under an overpass.

Continue on San Carlos to Ft Myers Beach, 3.6 miles.  You will then be on Estero Blvd.  If you are traveling to Ocean Harbor it will be about three miles on the left. You will need a code to get in.